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Altmetric Book Club: Essential Insights for Editors

posted on 2019-11-19, 15:56 authored by Altmetric EngineeringAltmetric Engineering

Do you know who is commenting on, sharing and driving online interest in the books and monographs you publish? Altmetric does!

In today’s crowded research environment being able to demonstrate the value and reach of your titles is more important than ever. Our data provides an easy way to measure and report back to authors on the digital engagement surrounding individual books and chapters -- enabling you to tell a much richer story than would ever be possible with download counts and sales figures alone.

In this recording of the first edition of the Altmetric Book Club, our expert speakers demonstrate the power of these data and discuss how Altmetric attention insights can be used to:

  • Inform commissioning and author engagement strategies
  • Report and uncover trends on the online mentions of books, chapters, and monographs
  • Compare the awareness of your books list with those of other publishers