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Altmetrics in Asia - understanding the influence of your research

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Gathering real-time and reliable feedback on the attention surrounding your institution’s research can be challenging.

Altmetric provides tools that enable you to monitor, in real-time, where research is being discussed online as soon as it’s published and what is being said.

In this webinar Stephanie Guichard, Regional Sales Manager at Digital Science, gives an introduction to altmetrics data and demonstrate the tools Altmetric provides.

During this actionable webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Understand the basics of altmetrics and how these data can be used to track the reach and influence of your publications and scholarly outputs.
  • Report on the performance of outreach and engagement strategies and discover where your research is being talked about the most.
  • Compare the online activity surrounding your research with that of peer institutions.

And so much more!