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Altmetrics in the NIH Biosketch: demonstrate the reach and influence of your research

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posted on 2020-11-06, 14:58 authored by Altmetric EngineeringAltmetric Engineering

Gathering reliable data on the broader engagement and reach of your research can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Altmetric provides data and tools that enable you to monitor, in real-time, where research is being talked about online as soon as it’s published.

So how can you enhance your NIH Biosketch with altmetrics? In this webinar, Altmetric’s Patty Smith, a former CTSA hub librarian, provides a practical overview of how altmetrics data can be included in your Biosketch to:

– Showcase unexpected academic engagement

– Demonstrate how your research is influencing policy

– Highlight where your research is attracting public engagement

This session will features actionable insights for CTSA/CTSI hubs and other NIH-funded institutions, particularly for faculty and staff responsible for demonstrating the reach and influence of research in grant and renewal funding applications.


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