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Boosting discovery, analysis and more: Exploring the latest Altmetric Explorer enhancements

posted on 2018-11-15, 12:31 authored by Altmetric EngineeringAltmetric Engineering

Monitoring the online activity surrounding your institution’s published research gives you the ability to understand the reach, influence and real-world impacts it is having.

By using the latest Altmetric Explorer subject area and author affiliation search functionality, you can find the research you’re interested in with more flexibility and precision than ever!

In this webinar, Ben McLeish, Director of Engagement & Advocacy at Altmetric, demonstrates how these latest search enhancements enable users to:

  • Stay up-to-date with interesting research within specific subject areas
  • Enable researchers to identify potential collaborators within their discipline
  • Compare altmetrics data with that of other institutions

…and much more


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