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Introducing the new Altmetric Explorer search filters: Funders & Open Access status

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posted on 2019-05-30, 11:47 authored by Altmetric EngineeringAltmetric Engineering

A demonstration of new enhanced filtering capabilities within the Altmetric Explorer that allow users to search by funder and filter research outputs by Open Access status.

During the webinar, Ben McLeish, Director of Engagement & Advocacy at Altmetric, demonstrates how this new functionality will allow users to quickly see and report on the engagement around funded research, understand the influence Open Access has on online attention and much more.

Answers to questions unanswered during the webinar:

Q1: What is the reason for the difference in the result when comparing searches for a funder using the GRID ID and funder name within the Altmetric Explorer:

These two methods of searching will always produce diferent results as they are looking for different items. Searching by GRID ID will look for author affiliations and searching by funder name will only look for the source of funding.

Q2: Once the embargo period for an item has passed and it becomes OA, how quickly do we change that status in EFI? Is it according to a delivery schedule from Dimensions?

Dimensions routinely update their Open Access status 4-5 times a year, and so the status does not necessarily change immediately after the embargo period has passed. After Dimensions has updated their Open Access data, the Altmetric Explorer pulls in the new data as part of the daily updates.


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