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Running easier, quicker analyses with the new Altmetric Explorer Highlights feature

posted on 2018-06-29, 11:23 authored by Altmetric EngineeringAltmetric Engineering
The Altmetric Explorer is the most powerful altmetrics analysis platform on the market, tracking over 80 million mentions for 11 million research works since 2011. Now, we’ve released a redesign of the Explorer interface, including a new “Highlights” feature, that makes it easier than ever to get to know your audience and track your research influence as it happens.

In this webinar Jean Liu, Altmetric’s Head of Product, walks through the redesigned Highlights Tab and explains how you can use it to:

– Demonstrate key achievements like the international reach of your organization’s research
– Use visualizations to illustrate tenure and funding applications, and to craft compelling narratives around the influence of your work
– Find and engage with key online influencers who are interested in your area of study


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