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The state of altmetrics: a tenth anniversary celebration

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posted on 2020-10-06, 10:35 authored by Altmetric EngineeringAltmetric Engineering, Stacy KonkielStacy Konkiel, Jason PriemJason Priem, Euan AdieEuan Adie, Gemma DerrickGemma Derrick, Fereshteh Didegah, Paul GrothPaul Groth, Cameron NeylonCameron Neylon, Shenmeng XuShenmeng Xu, Zohreh ZahediZohreh Zahedi, Timothy BowmanTimothy Bowman, Vanash M Patel, Robin HaunschildRobin Haunschild, Lutz BornmannLutz Bornmann, Mike Taylor, Liesa Ross, Yin-Leng Theng, Saeed-Ul Hassan, Naif R. Aljohani

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the Altmetrics Manifesto, Altmetric has published The state of altmetrics, which explores a decade of innovation and growth in the field.

Contributions from leading thinkers including Euan Adie, Lutz Bornmann, Zohreh Zahedi, and authors of the original Altmetrics Manifesto explore topics including:

  • Ethical uses of altmetrics

  • Using machine learning to improve altmetrics

  • Altmetrics as "sensors" to detect the spread of disease

  • What makes researchers more likely to use altmetrics

  • Predictions for the future of altmetrics