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The state of altmetrics: a tenth anniversary celebration

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posted on 06.10.2020, 10:35 by Altmetric Engineering, Stacy Konkiel, Jason Priem, Euan Adie, Gemma Derrick, Fereshteh Didegah, Paul Groth, Cameron Neylon, Shenmeng Xu, Zohreh Zahedi, Timothy Bowman, Vanash M Patel, Robin Haunschild, Lutz Bornmann, Mike Taylor, Liesa Ross, Yin-Leng Theng, Saeed-Ul Hassan, Naif R. Aljohani

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the Altmetrics Manifesto, Altmetric has published The state of altmetrics, which explores a decade of innovation and growth in the field.

Contributions from leading thinkers including Euan Adie, Lutz Bornmann, Zohreh Zahedi, and authors of the original Altmetrics Manifesto explore topics including:

  • Ethical uses of altmetrics

  • Using machine learning to improve altmetrics

  • Altmetrics as "sensors" to detect the spread of disease

  • What makes researchers more likely to use altmetrics

  • Predictions for the future of altmetrics


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