Badges Toolkit

Posted on 2022-06-08 - 19:00 authored by Altmetric Engineering

The aim of the Badges Toolkit is to support you in educating your authors and editors about the Altmetric Badges and how they can leverage the data.

This toolkit consists of:

  • Author guide - helps authors get started with Badges
  • Editor guide - helps editors get started with Badges
  • Sample web page text - this is a good place to start if you’d like to create a landing page with information about the Altmetric Badge on your website.
  • Badge positioning guide - information about where to put the Badges on your site
  • Badge Details Page video - orients your authors/editors to data they have access to once they click on the Badge
  • Details Page guide - an image dissecting the ‘anatomy’ of a Details Page


Engineering, Altmetric (2022): Badges Toolkit. Altmetric. Collection.
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